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Patented features...



Tungsten tipped

FanForce® blades.

"The undisputed market leader"

The Thatch-Away SUPA SYSTEM has a unique and patented design which enables its cassettes to be fitted to any popular greens triplex by means of different fitting kits. This innovation is protected by Patent No. US 6,647,703 and other patents worldwide.

Unique Pedigree

Development started right back in 1990 with the invention of the world's first verticutting blade with fan fins to vacuum up the thatch removed. This was followed in 1998 by the introduction of the Thatch-Away 480T, the world's first verticutting units with Fan Force® tungsten tipped blades.
These totally revolutionised verti-cutting with their unique ability to cut out and remove huge volumes of thatch with razor clean precision, and leave no debris behind.

Interchangeable Cassettes


The introduction in 2002 of the all new Thatch-Away SUPA-SYSTEM units with swing open chassis that accept a whole range of interchangeable cassettes has once again revolutionised the maintenance of golf greens.
Now almost any greens care operation can be done in the fastest, easiest and most labour saving way possible. Protected by Patent No. US 6,945,021 and other patents worldwide.