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Legendary performance from Thatch-Away

Introducing the Thatch-Away SUPA-SYSTEM

It is not by coincidence that almost all of the top golf courses in Europe use the Thatch-Away Supa-System. Good news travels fast, and the Thatch-Aways’ awesome ability to cleanly remove and collect up thatch has made them legendary.

Thatch is the number one enemy of good putting surfaces.  This layer of excess organic matter holds water, and therefore encourages shallow-rooted Poa Annua to dominate the turf. Thatch produces a surface that is soft and spongy when damp, yet quickly dries out and turns yellow at the first sign of a drought.

No wonder that the Thatch-Away Supa-System is viewed by the majority of Greenkeepers as a basic “must have” in their line up of equipment.


Checking root-zone samples on
each green reveals the extent of
your thatch layer.