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The highest performance available with Thatch-Away Walk Behind Verticutters

Cut out the thatch

The Thatch-Away 24” and 30” Walk Behind Verticutters are designed to give you the highest performance available in any pedestrian verticutter.

This is achieved by the use of patented Fan-Force Tungsten tipped blades that combine with the Thatch-Away’s extra long grass deflector to create a powerful air vortex which literally sucks up the thatch from your green and blasts it into the grassbox, leaving a debris-free surface.

Many other features set the Thatch-Away apart including the precision manufactured rear roller which houses a true differential, and the rear roller scraper that incorporates a special trough to actually collect the debris it removes.

In addition, a quickly inter-changeable Brush Reel is available for the Thatch-Away. This is ideal for when you wish to give the surface just a gentle grooming, or to remove surface debris and Poa Annua seeds.