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 Now you can change cassettes while your Thatch-Aways are still on your mower!


Because the new Toro TriFlex* does not use grassbox carrier frames like previous models did, it provides far better access to the units. This has inspired us to develop a totally new type of fitting kit which enables the Thatch-Away Supa-System cassettes to be swapped with the units still on the mower, if the user so wishes. And thanks to the new quick motor mounting design, the whole operation can be done in just seconds – without any tools!


* Manufacturer’s names used for purpose of identification only. No association implied.

cassette_change_Main_1.jpg cassette_change_Main_2.jpg
1. Open the unit 2. Remove the cassette
cassette_change_Main_3.jpg cassette_change_Main_4.jpg
3. Fit the next cassette 4. Latch up the unit