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Here at Greensward we are 100% committed to protecting both your privacy and security. We want you to feel completely safe when using our website, so you can enjoy the experience without worrying about any abuse of your personal information.

To help you feel at ease, this page will explain ALL of the information we record with regard to our visitors, why we do it and what we will use it for.

Q. Do you use cookies?

A. Yes, we use cookies for the purpose explained below:

Cookies are used for counting the number of unique visitors who browse our website in any given month, however this information is entirely anonymous and only used to increment our counters.

Q. What information do you collect?

A. We collect a number of different types of information from our visitors which is shown below:

Every page you view is logged by our webserver along with the IP address of the computer you are viewing it from. There are only two things we do with this information. The first involves the collation of this information using statistics software into anonymous data with which we can guage page popularity, where our visitors come from, what times of the day are busiest, and so on. The second thing we do with this information is protect the security of our website, by locating people who are attempting to damage our systems, using our site to post illegal or abusive information, or avoiding a ban from viewing our pages.

Q. Do you spam emails?

A. No, we do not send out spam emails, now an offence in the UK. If you believe you have received them from us then please let our administrators know, as many genuine spammers fake emails to appear to be sent from a legitimate source such as ours when in actual fact they have not.

We obtain email addresses only from when you are registering for e-catalogues. Any email addresses collected are protected from all third parties. When receiving an email for our regular e-catalogue, we offer people a chance to opt out of our mailing list by unsubscribing. We do not want to send emails with special offers, information and so on, to people who do not wish to receive it. If you find that you have been put on our mailing list by accident then we will remove your details upon request.


Q. How do you protect my personal information?

A. We do not collect any personal information which you do not knowingly submit to our website. We also will not pass on any personal information we do collect to a third party. We may, however, pass on anonymous data which is not traceable to you, including statistics on website usage, page views, unique visitors per month, and so on.

In addition, your email address, preferences and other non-public information is private and will not be disclosed to any other visitor.